The Epic Workshop - Lego Robotics Coding & Scratch Coding School Holiday September 2021 For Age 5 to 14

It is time, the all stars unite to battle against the pandemic, heal the world with the help of your favourite heroes. Students will make various robotic models with legos, learn coding and make video games with scratch. Projects contain elements of their favourite theme.

At this workshop, participants will get hands-on experiences with lego robotics building, scratchcoding and pick up various Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) principles.

In response to the current situation on covid 19 coronavirus outbreak, we would like to assure parents that the safety of our students and staff is our priority and we are taking precautionary measures to safeguard the well being of your child while they can continue learning at WondersWork. You can find our precautionary measures here

FOR AGE 5 to 14

The Epic Workshop - Lego Robotics Coding & Scratch Coding School Holiday September 2021 For Age 5 to 14

* Total 6 different projects. Please select a minimum of 2 sessions to 6 sessions in any sequence of projects or type. For example, your child can sign up for 4 session package - Session 10 (project 5), 11 (project 3), 12 (project 2) and 14 (project 4)

* Close guidance from teacher as we provide low Teacher-Student ratio at 1 teacher to 3-6 students only.
* 1 to 1 robot kit and computer.
* All materials, robot kits, notebooks and other equipments will be provided by us.
* Due to high cost of Lego Robot Kits with software for this workshop, participants will not be able to bring back the robots.
* For past participants of the same workshop in July 2020, kindly email us at with your child's name if your child is able to join for this septembr workshop.
* No certificate will be provided for this workshop.
* No lunch wil be provided for this workshop.

To sign up, click here to fill up our registration form. Ask us at or whatsapp +65 8822 7170.

* Registration closes 1 week prior to the workshop, subject to availability *

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