Space Invention Holiday Camp December 2012


"My son, Jason (9) is in the middle of a 10-session Young Inventors workshops with Wonderswork. They're a licensed partner of Ed Sobey's Kids Invent program.

Basically, it is a hands-on Science program, where kids are given an assignment and provided with raw materials. After a brief introduction to the concept for the week, they go to town to invent a product that solves the week's task, with the facilitator offering guidance when needed. The kids experiment with tweaking their design to achieve better results.

Last week, Jason's assignment was to create a balloon powered boat that could travel across the plastic kiddie pool, based on Newton's Third Law of Motion. He used foam, straws, rubber bands, chopsticks, cardboard, tape -- I'm sure I forgot something. He refined it by shortening the straw, winding up the rubber
band propeller clockwise, then counter-clockwise etc. You can bet when we pulled out his Science textbook for this topic, his eyes were far from being glazed over with boredom.

Enzo, the founder of Wonderswork, is enthusiastic and creates a fun and educational environment for Jason, and he looks forward to class every week. They're working on bringing in some NASA engineers and Lego for their December camp.

That's it. Hope it's helpful for someone!"

Joanne Lu


"I enjoyed the camp because it was fun and I learnt how to be a true inventor."

Zachary (7year old)


"Thank you for making the space camp so enjoyable for the kids, Linus certainly wished the camp will continue for the rest of the holidays!"

Adelene Goh, parent of Linus (7year old)


"My son has thoroughly enjoyed his classes with Enzo at Wonderswork. He is always encouraged to use his creativity to solve the challenges presented to him using raw materials provided. We have come home with catapults, cable cars, and bridges all built using household items. The class is very hands on and is a highlight of his week! Other classes offered include Lego Mindstorm and Lego robotics. If you are looking for a fun and educational experience for your child this summer or anytime, stop by and check it out! I highly recommend this program!"

Sharon Kozel Hicks, parent of Jackson (10year old)


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