Master Robotics Engineers Lego Robotics Coding Camp School Holiday June 2019

Add more fun activities to this June 2019 school holiday at WondersWork Singapore where kids will learn lego robotics, scratch coding and hands-on invention making workshop. They will develop creativity, inventive and critical thinking, and learn science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM). Let your child become a STEM Inventor today!

FOR AGE 5 to 13

Code Masters Lego Robotics Scratch Coding STEAM School Holiday Children Workshop September 2018

* There are total of 6 different projects for this workshop, you can choose any 2 or 3 sessions. For example you can choose Session 1, 3, 4.

* Close guidance from teacher as we provide low Teacher-Student ratio at 1 teacher to 3-6 students only.
* 1 to 1 robot kit and computer.
* All materials, robot kits, notebooks and other equipments will be provided by us.
* Due to high cost of Lego Robot Kits with software for programming use for this workshop, participants will not be able to bring back the robots.
* Past participants are welcome.
* No certificate for this workshop.

To sign up, click here to fill up our registration form or email us at, kindly indicate your child's DOB and preferred camp date so we can advise on vacancy thank you.

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Check out our holiday Workshop video