About Us WondersWork is an unique learning center nurturing children and adults to be aspiring and successful inventors and entrepreneurs. Our team comprises of qualified ex-teachers, trainers and professionals with years of experience and wealth of knowledge in their specialised area of expertise. Our Objective We recognize the needs of developing life-ready competencies in face of this increasingly globalized, complex and media-saturated society. Our programs aim to instil our students with these core competencies: Creative and Inventive Thinking, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Cross-Cultural Communication. The desired outcome will be a successful inventor and entrepreneur who pursues lifelong learning and contributes actively to the society. The diagram below illustrates the 21st century competencies and desired outcome of our curriculum framework. This is also in line with the Ministry of Education’s new framework of 21st century competencies and outcome.

Our Teaching Approach We believe in using progressive pedagogy, where learning is not just about academic results or reading from textbooks. Instead, our programs are conducted using hands-on projects in small classes, based on the student's interests, experiences, talents and the real world. Each student is the center of learning while the teacher is a facilitator. Why we are different?
  • We are an unique learning centre in Singapore that nurtures inventors and entrepreneurs from young.
  • We adopt a learning model used by Thomas Edison and thousands of other inventors.
  • We follow progressive pedagogy, in which lessons are student-centered, competencies-driven, and outcome-based rather than teacher-centred, academic driven and textbook-based.
  • Our curriculum is connected to students’ interests, experiences, talents and the real world.
  • We offer an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum in developing core 21st century competencies.
  • Our objectives are in line with MOE’s new framework of 21st century competencies and outcome.
  • We are backed by established and sound curriculum from the US.
  • Our classes are small with up to 12 students for maximum interaction and attention.